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Do you want to know in which environment (Live/Preview) your pages and components are published? Che

This is quite easy when we have very few components and pages in our site but if the number is more than 500, then it becomes headache to select every component/pages and check.So, I have come up with a simple solution by creating a GUI extension using Alchemy framework called Published Environment.

Final Output


This plugin allows to check where the items are published in a single click. that means using this-

  1. You can get the list of the item (Component/Pages) from particular structure group or folder along with their published environment status.

  2. You can also figure out which pages and component are published from one particular publication by selecting the Root folder.

Note: If there is no component or page available in the selected folder/structure group then it will throw a custom error message “No Components/Pages are found in this repository”.


Steps to Implement this Plugin –

  1. Download the A4T file and install in your environment.

  2. Once installed then click on View and select Configure (tab). Provide the tcm id of your Preview (Staging) and Live publishing target

Configuration of the plugin

  1. Save the configuration file by clicking on Save Settings.

  2. Now the plugin is ready for use. Refresh the browser. You can see the New Publish Environment Button in the Ribbon bar of the Home Page under the Publish Group.


Also it is available on the context menu just above the Send Item Link.

  1. Select any folder and structure group and click on Published Environment Button.



This is just a draft version (v1.0). I will update it periodically. Also not yet available in Alchemy web store but you can download the A4T file and install it in your environment.

Code Details:

For further implementation you can download the code from here on Github.

Conclusion :

That’s it! Please feel free to reach me for any clarification or assistance or suggestion.

A very special thanks to Peter Kjaer and John Winter for their guidance.

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