• Sayantan Basu

Issue in Content Porter with ECL Item

In my project one of my colleague has reported an issue that he is facing frequently at the time of Content port (Import Phase).


So I decided to share it with you as well, so that in future if you face this type of issue then you don’t have to waste your time.


To replicate the situation I have created a sample component and added a multimedia item to it.


Now when I am trying to port this item it is showing the below error –



The simple trick is –

Import the ECL item first and then try to import this content.

Yes! Every time you have to import all the ECL items those are associated with your components.

In our case sometimes we have to port hundreds of components from the lower environment to higher environment. So I used to import all the stub folders first and then start my content port.


As you can see here at the time of content export I have selected all the stub folders except the stub schema because I don’t want to port that schema every time.

I know this is a little bit time consuming step but it saves my time to find that each ecl items that is associated with my components from those thousands of ecl stub folders.

Once you finish that Export /Import then try to Import your components again and I sure it will resolve your issue.


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