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Start with a Simple Workflow in Tridion (Auto Publish to Live)

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

In this article I will describe how to start with a simple workflow in Tridion

Prerequisite: Install Microsoft Visio and Tridion plugin.


Open Visio -> Add-Ins and click on Tridion Workflow Designer

It will open the below workbook.

On the left panel You will find all the available shapes for Tridion workflow.

Once you start, it will ask for the Server Name, Credential detail and  Workflow Name along with the Publication. Provide all those detail and start creating activities as per the project requirement . You can create it by drag and drop the shapes. Ensure all the activities are connected properly.

Below is my sample workflow for pages –

Also provide the details of each activity like Title, Description, Assignee , Approval Status accordingly. –

If you want to implement Auto Approval then you have to specify the “Expires In” value. In that case you have to write an Expiration Script for that as well. Here is my another post regarding this. For Automatic Activity you have to define Script type. Here I have created an External Script to automatically publish the page into Live environment.

I have developed a C# class library(.dll) for that, uploaded the .dll file into the Template Building Block(TBB) and refered that TBB from Work flow external script.

Build the code in the Visual Studio and refer the .dll into the TBB from Content Manager. First create a TBB under the same publication that you have mentioned at the time of visio diagram creation

Under the source tab upload that .dll

Save that TBB and go back to the Visio. Now click on the “Edit Script” button and put the below code there –

AssemblyTbbId = "tcm:4-2368-2048" // TBB TCM URI Type = "TridionPublishWorkflow.TridionPublishWorkflow"

Save the workflow and move back to Content Manager. Now open the Structure group properties and go to Workflow tab and specify the Workflow name from dropdown. Save and close. Create a new page within that structure group and enjoy the magic –

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