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Translation Manager Plugin

In this blog I will discuss about the Translation Manager Plug in System, which is one of the powerful features of SDL Tridon. Before I go into the deep of the PlugIn, let me explain Translation Manager is the connector between SDL Tridion and SDL’s Translation Management Application, such as World Server, Translation Management System (TMS), BeGlobal.

Sometimes the client requirement does not quite match with the default behavior, and that is where Translation Manager’s plug in system comes into the picture. It provides the opportunity to customize the default Translation Jobs processing behavior.

Customization like:

  1. Adding additional items to the translation job

  2. Emails Notification during the translation process.

  3. Workflow Integration. etc.

Let’s start with a simple plugin which will send the email notification to a group of people once the translation job state reaches the completion state.

1) Create a Class Library Project in Visual Studio.

2) Include the library that will help us to develop a Plug In. a. Tridion.TranslationManager.DomainModel.dll

Include other libraries which are required to build a solution as per your requirement.

3) Create the plugin class with below code snippet –

code for translation manager plugin

code for translation manager plugin

So your structure is ready, here I have extended the TranslationJobStateChangeEvent to meet my requirement. Apart from that lots of other events are also available (Like: Deleted, Deleting, Saved, Saving etc. To learn about that please check Translation Manager API document). You can choose as per your requirement.

4) Implement the code to send the mail to a group of people under the “if block“.

5) Once you have finished the writing code, build it and deploy it under the <%TRIDION_HOME%>\Translation Manager\Plugins\

6) Next register it and also update the TranslationManager.xml file available at <%TRIDION_HOME%>/config

Here a sample: <PlugInAssemblies> <Assembly fullPath=”<%TRIDION_HOME%>\Translation Manager\Plugins\<your dll>”/> </PlugInAssemblies>

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