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View Workflow ~An Alchemy Plugin for Tridion

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

View Workflow(An Alchemy Plugin) project was visualized long back by one of our customer when I was working with them as a consultant. In TDS 2018 Hackathon we try to give it a shape. This Plugin is still under testing, so not yet available in the Alchemy Plugin store.

Team Members 

  1. Sayantan Basu (justsayantan@gmail.com)

  2. Neetesh Narvaria (neetesh46@gmail.com)

  3. Payel Sarkar(justpayel@gmail.com)

Functional Requirements:

Customer always prefers to envision the workflow in the CMS. Nevertheless as of now this is not an out of the box feature. Hence we have planned to create a plugin in a way so that user can select the activity instance from the CMS and visualize the present status of that particular task.

Plugin Details:

This Plugin is used the Alchemy framework.

How To Use:

You need to follow below steps to use this in your current project

  1. Download & Install Alchemy(Alchemy4Tridion) in your CMS.

  2. Download this project from git.

  3. Go to Final_A4T folder.

  4. Install the ViewWorkflow.a4t file (Drag and Drop).


In case of any support please directly send a mail to us.

Branches and Contributions

  1. You can also contribute in case you want to add more features on it. If you wish to submit a Pull Request.

  2. Also please report issue or further features you want us to add on this.

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