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Workflow Reference For Tridion


What & Why

  1. What is Workflow Reference For Tridion ?

This is an  workflow application with  some generic functionality using which you can achieve most of the common requirements from client regarding workflow.

  1. Why It is Useful

  2. Accelerate the Workflow Implementation in Project

  3. Easily Customizable

  4. Re usability

  5. Flexibility

  6. Background Scenario: In my recent project ,  one day my client approached  me and asked to provide a demo of workflow in SDL Tridion all of a sudden  on the very next day. It was really very tough to set up all the functionalities  from scratch within such a short span. At that moment I realized that if I could create a generic workflow application then it would help me in future for other project as well. This is the background scenario of this application.

Final Workflow Diagram


 Inside The Application

  1. Visio Diagram

  1. .NET Assembly

  2. TridionWorkflow.dll

  3. Configuration File for .NET Assembly

  4. WorkFlow.config

  5. XSLT Files for Email Notification

  6. EmailNotifierXslt Content Approval.xslt

  7. EmailNotifierXslt Approved Content.xslt

  8. EmailNotifierXslt Reject Content.xslt

.NET Assembly contains

  1. BundlePublishToLive.cs – To Publish Bundle in Live Instance

  2. BundlePublishToPreview.cs – To Publish Bundle in Preview Instance

  3. PublishToLive.cs – To Publish Components/Pages in Live Instance

  4. PublishToPreview.cs – To Publish Components/Pages in Preview Instance

  5. SendMail.cs – To Send Mail Notification to certain group

  6. RejectContent.cs – To send back the content to creator/Editor i) Trigger Mail to him/her (Optional) ii) Undo Publish Transaction (Optional)

  7. ExpirationScript.cs – To send the activity to the next level i) Send Mail Notification to the assigned group( In Progress)

Configuration File has the information of

  1. Target Type Configuration

  2. Preview Publication Target

  3. Live Publication Target

  4. Mail Message Configuration

  5. Mail From

  6. Mail Subject

  7. MessageBodyXslt (Approver/Publisher/Rejected Content)

  8. Mail To (Approver/Publisher/Rejected Content)

  9. SMTP Server Configuration

  10. Mail Server

  11. Domain Name

  12. Mail Server Authentication ID/Password

  13. General Settings

  14. Published To Preview (true/false)

  15. Mail Send Option on Content Rejected (true/false)

  16. Publish to Publication Id Configuration (all/Particular Publication)

XSLT Files for Email Notification


How to Install

  1. You will find the project in GitHub –

  2. https://github.com/justsayantan/Workflow-Reference-For-Tridion.git

  3. Steps –

  4. Create a TBB and upload the .NET Assembly to it. (Note down the tcm id of that TBB).

  5. Open The .vdx file in Visio and Edit the external script for Automatic Activity –

  6. Replace the Tcm Id with the updated one and Save it in the Tridion CMS.

  1. Open The Workflow.config file and update the configuration.

  2. Copy and paste the updated config file under the “<Tridion Home>\config\” folder.

  3. Copy and paste the Email Templates folder under the “<Tridion Home>\config\templates\”

Summary :

Hope it will be useful for you guys as well. Here I have shared the Application folder in Github as of now,  here is the source code so you can download and customize the code as per your requirement. Parallelly I am creating this project for SDL Web 8. Once Done I will share that project as well.

The goal of sharing this idea is to get more suggestion from your end, so that I can scale up this application for a larger audience. Thanks and Keep checking my blogs for future update.

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